Limitless Wine have been producing websites for the wine industry for over 20 years. Our experience and expertise has come from working alongside wine industry giants such as Berry Bros & Rudd and

Our first wine project was how we got the company started – to build a website to sell Sainsbury’s wine selection online, before Tesco built theirs. From there we formed a long a fascinating association with the wine industry – learning about the world of wine, the complex relationships between businesses, how wine is produced, traded, import and sold. Wine is a special product – from the passion of the people in the industry to the unique ways it is managed and sold – these things must be handled correctly on a website and by back-end systems.

Our second wine client – Berry Bros. & Rudd – is also our longest standing. Initially we worked with BB&R on a small website in 1995 just offering their most prestigious wines, in 1998 we introduced mainstream e-commerce functionality and included their full range of about 2,500 wines. The site grew, pushing the boundaries of what was possible for an online wine store, with significant additions each year like EPOS integration, wedding and wish lists, customers private reserves, etc. In 2010 we launched BBX – the innovative online trading platform for fine wine. was launched in 1999 and from the very start Limitless have been responsible for development and hosting of the website. Wine-Searcher has been a significant force in the wine industry and is probably the most influential wine website in the world. We have a very close working relationship with them and a their innovate and passionate approach works well with our skilled development team.

Over the last few years we have invested in building a wine website platform to allow merchants both large and small to more easily offer their products and services online. Off-the-shelf e-commerce packages are great for most products but do not work well with the complexities often needed to handle wine.

Our ethos as an online solutions provider focuses on honesty, integrity, transparency and effective communication. Whilst we build and host effective and professional websites for the wine industry we also aim to form long lasting and effective relationships with our clients and grow with them as their business progresses.